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Teacher Eyes

Q: What problem did the cross-eyed teacher have?

A: She couldn't control her pupils.

Anatomy Lesson

A kid came home from school and asked his dad, "Dad, I heard some kids talking about a thing called a vagina. What is a vagina, and what does it look like?" "Well, son, before sex it looks like a beautiful unopened rose." "Wow, what does it look like after sex?" "Well, son, have you ever seen a bulldog eating mayonnaise?"

Identifying Famous Quotes

One Friday morning, a teacher came up with a novel way to motivate her class. She told them that she would read a quote and the first student to correctly identify who said it would receive the rest of the day off. She started with "This was England's finest hour." Little Suzy instantly jumped up and said, "Winston Churchill!" "Congratulations," said the teacher, "You may go home early." The teacher then said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but - " Before she could finish the quote, another young lady belted out, "John F. Kennedy!" "Very good," said the teacher, "You may go also." Irritated that he had missed two golden opportunities, Little Johnny said, "I wish those girls would just shut up." Upon overhearing this comment, the outraged teacher demanded to know who said it. Johnny instantly rose to his feet and said, "Bill Clinton. I'll see you Monday."

Holding Back

My buddy Brian had a kid a few years ago, and he comes to me this summer and he goes, 'Man, my son just flunked the third grade. I don't know how to tell my kid he's going to be held back a year.' I was like, 'I guess you better tell him slowly so the little dumb ass will get it.'

Little Johnny and the Teacher

One day a teacher was teaching religion, when she asked the class, "What part of your body do you think goes up to heaven first?" Two children raised their hand. One was little Johnny. Hesitant to pick on him, she chose little Mary. "I think your heart goes first because, that's were your emotions of love are." "Very interesting," replied the teacher. Seeing no one else had their hand raised but Johnny, she finally called on him. "I think your feet go up first." Confused, but relieved, the teacher said, "Why is that?" Johnny replied, "Once when I walked in my parents room I saw my dad on my mom, and she had her feet in the air saying, "Oh God!"