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Joke Submission Guidelines


Jokerz is a website that thrives on user-provided materials. We want you to submit and share with us your jokes, especially those originally written by you.

As you do so here the rules of the road to getting your submission approved for inclusion in the Jokerz Media (JM) site.


The Jokerz website supports two primary types of users: consumers of jokes and writers of jokes. When you register, if you choose to, you need to indicate which type of user you are.


JM does do a limited pre-screening of submitted jokes and reserves the right to reject any joke at its discretion. Most times that rejection is based on a finding that the joke contains “objectionable material.” (See Jokerz Terms of Use). "Objectionable" means as to any content, information in any medium or format, including without limitation text, data, graphics, audio, or video, that:


JM reserves the right to edit the submitted joke for formatting, punctuation, grammar, and/or spelling before posting it to the site for public users to see and share. Should a specific grammatical or spelling “error” constitute an integral part of the joke, please indicate it so that it is not “edited” incorrectly.


On our joke submission form, there is a checkbox for “I claim the copyright in this joke.” Joke writers are required to attest to this if it is their original work as well as provide the year (YYYY) they wrote it.

Do not submit any joke that is copyrighted by someone else. For example, do not submit a joke you heard from a late-night comedian or printed in a book. If you are not sure if a joke is copyrighted err on the safe side and do not submit. We do not check copyright statuses for the jokes submitted. So if you submit a joke that was accepted, but the copyright owner notifies us, we are obligated to take it down and/or assign copyright ownership to the rightful owner. (See also Jokerz Terms of Use).

As the joke writer you hold all copyrights in the jokes you have written and submitted to JM. JM will include a copyright notice at the bottom of the joke as well as provide that copyright notice and give you credit whenever the joke is shared via the Jokerz site.

When you submit a joke to Jokerz you are granting Jokerz, JM's affiliates, and strategic partners a license to display the joke and to allow other users to share the joke via social media networks for non-commercial usages. This sharing is one of the key functions of the Jokerz website.

If you are a joke writer and come across a joke on the website that you believe you are the author you have two options:

  1. If no other author has claimed copyright, click on the “CLAIM” button at the bottom of the joke and attest that you are the original author, the year you wrote the joke, and that you are claiming copyright in it. You will then be given the option to have Jokerz take down the joke or you give JM the right to continue to use the joke on the site with credit given to you.
  2. If another author has explicitly claimed copyright of the joke, you can dispute their claim by sending an email as described in the Jokerz Terms of Use or by contacting us at webmaster@jokerz.com and submitting proof of copyright (under the DMCA Take-Down Notice provision). You may also contact us via our Contact Us page. The claimant will be notified by JM about the dispute and the joke will be taken down until the dispute is resolved between the parties.


Jokerz provides an exclusive forum for users who identify and register themselves as joke writers. This “Writer’s Room” forum provides the capability for them to post and share jokes for review and feedback by their selected peers in the form of comments. These comments are only visible to the writers and other registered writers who have access to the their Writer’s Room forum. These jokes will not be shared on the public Jokerz website unless submitted by the writer for such inclusion at the writer’s discretion.


Jokerz reserves the right to make changes to this Joke Submission Guidelines at any time and for any reason without prior notice. Any changes to our Joke Submission Guidelines will be posted on this page so that you are always aware of our policies. We may also contact you by email with changes.

Reminder: The Jokerz website is not provided for use by, with, or for minors under the age of 18 years.


To submit questions, comments, and/or complaints regarding joke submissions on the Jokerz website please use the Joke Writer Inquiry Contact Form or send an email with your contact information to webmaster@jokerz.com.