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Bank Cashier

The bank manager was in the final stages of hiring a cashier and was down to two final applicants -- one of which would get the job. The first one interviewed was from a small college in upstate New York.  A nice young man, but a bit timid.  Then he called for the second man, "Jim Johnson!" Up stepped a burley young man who seemed quite sure of himself.  "He looks like he can take care of any situation," thought the manager, and decided, there and then, to hire him. He turned to the first applicant and told him he could go and they would let him know.  Turning to Johnson, he said, "Now Jim, I like the way you carry yourself -- that's an important asset for the job as cashier.  However, you must be precise. I noticed you did not fill out the place on the application where we asked your formal education."  Jim looked a little confused so the manager said, "Where did you get your financial education?"  "Oh," replied Jim -- "Yale."  "That's very good ... excellent. You're hired!"  "Now that you're working for us, what do you prefer to be called?"  Jim answered., "I don't care... Yim... or Mr. Yonson."


Patient: Doctor, I think I need glasses.

Teller: You certainly do! This is a bank.

Cruel Word

Whose cruel idea was it for the word "lisp" to have an "s" in it?

Still Life

Q: What did the winner of the not moving contest get?

A: Atrophy

Dyslexic Satanist

Q: Did you hear about the dyslexic Satanist?

A: He sold his soul to Santa.