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The Neighbor Needs a Vase

One afternoon this young girl knocked on the door of her neighbor to chit chat the afternoon away. She walked in and said "my god you look so depressed." The neighbor said " you bet I am, look what my damn husband sent me...six dozen roses. Now you know what that means  I'm going to have to spend this whole weekend on my back with my legs spread." " Now that's really silly, why don't you use a vase?"

Three mistresses

There is is this guy and he has three mistresses. Well, he decides that he only wants to have one, so he has to choose. He decides on a way to choose by giving them each $150 and telling them to go off and spend it how they see fit. The first girl comes back and announces that she has spent the $150 on a complete makeover and new hair-do. The guy thinks that is really nice. The second girl comes back and announces that she has spent the $150 on a new see through nightie. The guy thinks that is really nice too. The third girl comes back and puts a wad of money onto the table in front of him. "What's this ?" he asks. The girl explains that she has taken the $150 and invested it and made $2000 with it. The guy is really impressed by this but now he has to go away and decide who he will keep. So who do you think he picks ?? The one with the biggest BOOBS, of course!

The Old Man's Bird

There's an old man laying on the beach naked and a little girl passes by. She stops and stairs at the man and asked "mister what is that thing between your legs?" The man says "oh that , well the thing that is standing is the bird the two things on the side are the eggs and the thing around it is the nest." The old man asked her to leave so he can get some sun. He falls asleep,  when he wakes up there are paramedics around him. He asked what happen.The paramedic said  "ask the little girl." The old man calls her over " what happened?" The little girl said "when you went to sleep I tried to make the bird fly, I pulled and pulled but he got big and spit at me so I kicked the bird, smashed the eggs and burned the nest..

It Echoes!

Woman: Doctor, my husband tells me my pussy's too big. So I'd like you to tell me if you find it unusual.

Doctor: Please, take off your clothes and I'll have you examined.

Doctor (shouting): What a giant pussy!! What a giant pussy!!

Woman (angry): Did you have to say it twice?!?

Doctor: I didn't! I didn't!

Snow Plow Driver from North Dakota

This snow plow driver from North Dakota got married. He and his new bride prepared for their wedding night. He watched for a while as she spread three different kinds of creams and then a white foam in preparation for their love making. She finally announced that she was ready. The man then asked if she still had that string of pearls necklace that he admired so much. She replied, "Well, yes darling, I do, but what in the world would you need it for at a time like this ? He looked again at all her "preparations" and replied, "Ain't no way I'm gonna try to go into a mess like that without chains."