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Hitler's Suicide

Q: Why did Hitler kill himself?

A: Because he saw his gas bill.

Front Desk Call

A man calls the hotel front desk. "Hello how I may I be of assistance sir?"


"Calm down Sir, what seems to be the problem?" "My wife is trying to jump out of the window..." "Oh that sounds like a personal matter, I'm afraid we cannot involve ourselves."

"Listen here you smart-ass, the window isn't opening up and that's a maintenance matter!"

Hanging Blonde

A blonde really got tired of all blonde jokes and decided to hang herself in the bathroom. As she locked the door, she yelled at her husband, "I'm hanging myself because I'm tired of jokes about us blondes being stupid!" Her husband broke into the bathroom and saw his wife with a rope tied on her toe. The husband said, "I thought you were hanging yourself." She said, "Yes, I am!" The husband replied, "Usually when people hang themselves, they tie the rope around their neck, so why is yours tied on your toe?" She said, "I tried that, but I couldn't breathe."


A guy was wondering what being a suicide bomber was like

So I told him, "C4 yourself"

Library Visit

I went to a library and asked for a book on suicide.

The librarian replied "Fuck off! You won't bring it back!"