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Small Storage Debate

Does midget porn take up less space on your smartphone?

Asking for a friend...

So Small

You're so small that when it rains you're the last to know!

The Leprechaun

A man walks into the bathroom, and steps up to a urinal. He can't help but notice the short man at the urinal next to him, and the large penis this man has. He says to the short man, "Excuse me, I couldn't help but notice what a large penis you have." The short man replies, "I am a leprechaun, and I can grant you three wishes." The man is kind of skeptical, but he decides to believe him anyway. "OK, "He says, "I want to live in a mansion." The short man replies, "Sure. Tomorrow morning you will wake up in it." The man says, "Next, I want a beautiful girlfriend." "OK," the short man replies, "Tomorrow you will wake up next to her." The man is still not sure whether to believe him, but he continues. "I want a penis as large as yours." "Alright, but there is one catch, the short man replies. "What's that, the man asks?" "I have to have sex with you from behind, the short man says. The other man thinks for a second, and decides anything is worth getting a penis that large. "OK, go right ahead." The short man starts to do his thing, and the other man says, "I can't believe I'm gonna have a penis as big as yours." The short man replies, "I can't believe you thought I was a leprechaun!"

Midgets And Tampons

Q: Why don't midgets wear tampons?

A: They trip over the strings.

Very Short Lists

Very Short Lists:

  1. List of Golf Courses that do not allow Doctors
  2. List of all night Gay women's bars in Iran
  3. List of DR's who do gratis Brain Surgery
  4. List of Hospitals with Drive-Thru window Service
  5. List of Home cures for Ebola Virus
  6. List of Homeless Boston Debutantes
  7. List of Catholic Abortion referral services
  8. List of Women Rabbi's and assistant's
  9. List of Women Popes, Cardinals & Bishops
  10. List of Men's Rape assistant groups
  11. List of Battered Men's Help Groups
  12. List of Cuban registered voters
  13. List of Libyan registered women voters
  14. List of Libyan Licensed women truck drivers
  15. List of Libyan women lawyers
  16. List of Libyan women with PHD's
  17. List of Libyan Women Service Clubs
  18. List of interstate Highways with no Numbers
  19. List of U.S. Cops who have never eaten a doughnut
  20. List of People who have survived going over Niagara Falls
  21. List of People who have been in a UFO and are not crazy
  22. List of People who can whistle while drinking beer
  23. List of Pregnant Men
  24. List of Men who wash dishes, do the laundry & iron at the same time
  25. List of Women who drink 24 beer while watching 3 football games
  26. List of Women who can out shoot, & skate Wayne Gretzky
  27. List of Licensed flyable Airplanes with no wings
  28. List of Blind Licensed Drivers in Calif.
  29. List of Midgets over 6 foot tall
  30. List of living trees made of plastic