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The best jokes and joke writers!

Sketchy Chicken

Q: Why did the dirty chicken cross the road?

A: For some fowl purpose!


Two chickens were talking and one chicken said to a the other chicken "who is your favorite music composer?" The second chicken responds "bach, bach, bach!"

Vulgar Chicken

Q: What does a vulgar chicken say?

A: Fuck, fuck, fuck...

Three-legged Chicken

A man was driving down a country road one day at 45 mph, when suddenly he noticed a 3-legged chicken running at the same speed beside his truck. Though he thought this was odd, the man decided to speed up so he wouldn't cause an accident with the chicken. The man sped up to 55 mph, but low and behold, so did the 3-legged chicken. The man then sped up to 65 mph only to again be equalled in speed by the 3-legged chicken. As the man watched in amazement, the chicken suddenly made a sharp left turn and took off down a side road toward a small farm. The man quickly also made the left turn and followed the chicken to the small farm, parking out front. Looking around, the man found the farmer around back in the midst of many 3-legged chickens. After greeting the farmer, the man asked him why he was raising 3-legged chickens. "Well, we figure," said the farmer, "that with an average family of 3 people, only 2 can have a chicken leg with an average chicken. But with a three legged chicken, each member of the family can enjoy a chicken leg of their own."

"That's pretty wise," said the man. He then asked, "Well how does a 3-legged chicken taste?"

"I don't know," said the farmer. "We've never been able to catch one."

Fearful Chicken

Q: Why was the chicken afraid of the chicken?
A: Far from being a proverbial chicken, this deeply disturbed fowl suffered from chronic depression and social anxiety disorder, usually treated with a combination therapy of Luvox and Paxil.