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A hot meal

Two starving homeless men are walking down an empty street in a quiet town. They spy a dead horse on the side of the road and run towards it. The first man begins to eat the horse, but the second man refuses, saying only that he will wait. After the first man has eaten his fill they continue on down the road. eventually the first man gets sick from the horse meat and throws it up. The second man pulls out a napkin from his pocket and exclaims as he sits down: "Now THIS is what i've been waiting for! A hot meal!"

Christmas Bet

Joe and Tom went to a bar after a company Christmas party. After several hours of drinking, Joe said he'd give Tom $20 if he'd take one sip out of a large spittoon at the end of the bar.

Tom: "No way, man. That's disgusting!" Joe: "What if I offered you $50, then would you do it? Just one sip??" Tom: "Uh. No. Even for $50, that's just too gross!" Joe: "Well…what if I offered you $100? C'mon…it's just one sip!" Tom: "Well…I guess it won't kill me and I really can't turn down that offer. I could use the extra cash for Christmas."

So…Tom picks up the spittoon to take a sip and keeps on drinking from it…glug…glug…glug…

At this point, Joe is repulsed and says to Tom: "Alright, already! STOP! You're grossing me out. You only had to take ONE sip!!"

Tom promptly empties the spittoon, puts it back on the bar, wipes off his mouth and sits down next to Joe.

Joe: "Why did you do that??? That's was SO disgusting!! The bet was for you to take ONE sip and you drank the whole damn thing, I think I'm gong to puke!"…to which Tom replied: "I couldn't stop. It was all one piece."

A Dirty Little Number

Q: Did you hear about the couple that "96ed?"

A: After they "69ed" they rolled over and sh*t in each other's hair.

Veggie Love

I enjoy having sex with vegetables.

Been kicked out of three hospitals so far.

Grosser Than Gross - Grandma

Q: What's grosser than gross?

A: Kissing your grandmother hello and her tongue slips in!