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Legal Pot

Q: How did California get marijuana legalized?

A: They had a high voter turnout.

Amsterdam Semester Abroad

Possible Courses In Amsterdam:

  • Essentials of Bong Design: Discover earth, water, wind, and fire as the tools you'll need to get rid of your syllabus... some killer hashish.
  • Smuggling 101: Who says the party's over? Years of commerce have made this Northern culture an expert at turning a rectum into a set of luggage.
  • Medieval Condom Use: Even Sir Lancelot had a rash. Discover how centuries of crotch scratchers protected their privates with specially designed shields.
  • The Development of Puke: Our native-born instructors take students from heaving to hurling.
  • Architecture of Early Modern Brothels: With the aid of walking tours and guest hooker lecturers.

Supreme Court Decision Same Sex Marriage

Q: Why the US Supreme Court should have legalized Marijuana when they approved same sex-marriage?

A: Because it says in the bible, a man who lies with another man shall be stoned.

Break Time

Q: The female janitor at my building asked if I would chill and smoke some weed with her

A: I said no. I can't deal with high maintenance women

Fish High

Q: How do fish get high?

A: Seaweed.