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Looking For Anya

After WWII, two Poles returned to their destroyed village to locate the first one's wife. Going through the rubble, Victor came across a dismembered arm and called over, "Hey, Stanley, wasn't this Anya's arm? I think this is the wristwatch you gave her." "I dunno, Victor," said Stanley, and they continued the search. A little while later, Victor came across a severed leg. "Stanley, couldn't this be part of Anya? She had great legs." Stanley shrugged and they walked on. Finally the energetic Victor came across a woman's head, which he held out at arm's length for his friend's inspection. "Nope," said Stanley at last. "Anya was a lot taller."

Creepy Visitor

Necrophiliacs; the only living things that are stiff in a morgue.

Dead People

Q: Why is a necrophiliac like a grave digger?

A: They both dig dead peoples holes.

Must Wear a Black Condom

A man walks into a whorehouse looking for a little action and he goes up to the house owner and asks, "Hey, can I get a piece from one of your fine ladies you've got here?" "Sorry sir," the owner responds, "but, we're all full." "Aw, please I really need some poon tang!" And the owner answers, "Well, there is one girl left but when you go meet her you have to wear this black condom." "Whatever," the man answers quickly and races upstairs. A few hours later the man comes down and says ''WOW! Wow, that was great. She didn't even make any noise. But why did I have to wear the black condom?" And the owner answers, "Respect for the dead."

Hard Times

Q: What does a Necrophiliac get at funerals? 

A: Mourning Wood.