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My girlfriend says she has arachnophobia

How does she know, she has never met anyone from Iraq.

Iraq Strategy

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Iraqi versions of the classic army regulations can be summarized as: If it doesn't move, hide behind it. If it does move, surrender to it.

Iraq's Navy

Q: Do you know why Iraq's navy has glass bottomed ships?

A: So the sailors can see their air force!

Iraqi Air Force

Iraqi Air Force motto: I came I saw Iran

Iraqi vs. American

Iraqi vs. American

Average Iraqi Has visited the convergence of the Tigris and Euphrates, cradle of the ancient civilization founded by his ancestors.

Average American Once got really sick on the Wild Mouse ride at Six Flags theme park.

Average Iraqi Willing to participate in Holy War for his nation.

Average American Willing to participate in People's Choice Awards.

Average Iraqi Lines up by the thousands to die for country.

Average American Will go to any extreme to avoid jury duty.

Average Iraqi Has endured many food shortages during wars with Iran and embargo by West.

Average American Shoves McDonalds cashier if their Happy Meal doesn't include McCookies.

Average Iraqi Believes if he dies in battle, he will go straight to Paradise.

Average American Believes if, in a dream, you don't wake up before hitting the ground, you die.

Average Iraqi Has friend or relative wounded in ruthless wars of conquest.

Average American Has beer guzzling uncle who shot self in foot on hunting trip.

Average Iraqi Thinks Saddam Hussein is a political genius.

Average American Thinks Saddam Hussein makes Dan Quayle seem like Einstein.