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Blonde - Indiana

Q: What's the difference between Indiana and a blonde?

A: A blonde has larger hills and deeper valleys.

Spaghetti and Blondes

Q: What do spaghetti and blondes have in common?

A: They both wiggle when you eat them!

Blondes and Computer Games

Q: How do you know a blonde has been playing games on your computer?

A: When the joystick is wet!

I Will

A man walks into a bar with his pet crocodile, the bartender screams and demands he get the man eating creature out of there! The man tries to calm the bartender down and says he is very well trained. To prove it the man whipped out his cock and put it in the crocodile's mouth, then he hit the crocodile over the head and after a few good smacks he pulls it out and shows the bar tender, "Look, no marks." The bartender is still unsure so the man asks "Would anyone else like to try?" The bar is quiet and a few minutes later a blonde in the corner stands up and says "I will but don't smack me on the head!"

Thor the God of Love

THOR, the God of Love wakes up the morning after the orgy. As he sits up, stretches and looks around, he sees a beautiful, shapely, young blonde standing in the doorway. He walks over and says, "Good morning, I'm THOR"! She looks back at him with blue eyes and a comely smiles and says, "YOUR THOR??? I'M SO THOR I CAN'T PITH!"