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AIDS on the Toilet

Q: How do you get AIDS from a toilet seat?

A: If you sit down before the other guy gets off.

Facebook STD

My girlfriend picked up an STD on Facebook

Hope she doesn't share it

Don't Cut

An American has sex with a Soviet woman and catches a strange venereal disease causing a green ring around the base of the penis. The American goes to a doctor who says he's never seen anything like it, but his penis would probably have to be amputated. Wanting another opinion, he then goes to another doctor, who also doesn't know anything about this decease, but agrees that amputation is indicated.

Deeply distressed, the patient decided to go to a Soviet doctor, figuring he may be familiar with this strange form of venereal disease.  Indeed, the Soviet doctor says, "I know this decease! Your American doctors always want to cut. Don't do anything. Two week later, prick fall off by himself!"

Tested for HIV

Seems this elderly couple went to the clinic and asked to be tested for HIV.

When the counselor asked why they felt that they should be tested at their age, the old man said, "Well, we heard on TV that people should be tested after annual sex!"

Hillary's Worries

Most wives whose husbands fool around have to worry about their husbands getting AIDS from sex. Hillary just has to worry about her husband getting sex from aides.